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Join the FREE* Weekly Meditation Class

Learn mindfulness and meditation

Join the weekly mindfulness meditation class held Wednesday mornings from

7:00 am - 8:00 am Pacific Time via zoom. All levels of experience are welcome.  Drop in anytime.

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You Will Get an Email Confirmation with a Zoom Link to Join

*Laurie appreciates any support to continue these free classes.  Keeping these classes free gives people an opportunity to practice generosity in whatever way is menaingful to them. To support the teacher, please click the support button.

All levels of experience are welcome to join this group.  During the class, Laurie will lead a meditation for the group, have an interactive discussion about mindfulness and also have time for group sharing for whomever would like to share.  People can come every week, or attend as they are able.

Laurie will provide an experiential, safe environment to begin learning these powerful practices that can help with reducing stress, depression, anxiety and many other chronic conditions.

Guidelines for the group: 

  • Please make sure you have a private space to practice.  We want to create a space for the members of our group to feel safe to share their experience.

  • Please make sure you are able to have your Zoom video on to build the cohesiveness, community and safety within the participants.

  • We may do some very gentle mindful movement and/or walking in some classes.  You only need space enough for 6-10 paces of walking and arm lengths width.  If you are unable to participate in these activities due to any physical limitations Laurie will always provide alternatives.  ANY level of physical adeptness is welcome in this class.

**Class time is Pacific Time**

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