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Mindfulness coaching helps one to think about what is now, then what was. This can help in overcoming bad memories. One might have some negative experiences in the past life. These might be harming the joy in the present.

Mindfulness allows the realization that everyone has a past. What’s gone is gone. It’s time to cherish the present moments.

It makes people aware of the valuable gifts that they hold. Family, friends, possessions, etc. In this way, they can overcome issues.

A mindfulness coach helps one to practice mindfulness in daily life.

A mindfulness coach helps in executing the basic techniques. The coach guides to build a satisfying practice of wisdom, perspective, kindness, and self-compassion.

A mindfulness coach provides certain techniques. When one does these daily new neural pathways find a way to evolve. The brain gains a new direction. One transforms his/her way of looking and observing surroundings.

A mindfulness coach can help to fade your negativity and past stress. This demands perseverance and patience.

What can a mindfulness coach provide?

  • Suggestions on using mindfulness in recovery

  • Guidance on how to develop a mindful practice

  • Guidance on how mindfulness helps in personal and professional problems

  • Warning about potential pitfalls

  • Encouragement and support

What a mindfulness coach cannot provide?

  • Therapy

  • Medical advice

  • Social work

  • how to use alcohol or drug

  • psychoanalysis

  • Counseling

Mindfulness Coaching