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MBSR Class Student

Taking Laurie's MBSR class has been life-changing for me. After recently experiencing panic attacks, I found that mindfulness was the answer for me. The class helped me make a "mindful practice" a part of my everyday life. Laurie is a passionate teacher and it is obvious that she loves helping others learn how to have a more peaceful journey through life's challenges.

Nate C

MBSR Class Student

Taking this class was a wonderful experience through and through. Each week, Laurie and Dana cultivated a space for us to explore a wide variety of mindfulness-based practices, guiding us and facilitating group discussions. Their wisdom and passion for practicing and teaching the subject matter is palpable, and our group formed a close bond around shared experiences over the weeks. Personally, my practice has been enhanced as a result of taking this course, and I think it would benefit people of all experience levels with mindfulness. I am so glad to have made the commitment to this course, and am very grateful to have made connections with Laurie, Dana, and the rest of our group during this experience.


Mindfulness Class Student

"This class has expanded my awareness of Mindful Meditation practices.Helpful homework practices were recommended throughout the course of the class. I value the teaching guidance in this class. I also learned much during the interactive portions within the class.I recommend this class to new prospective participants.."


Mindfulness Class Student

"Throughout each mindfulness or meditation session, Laurie's lessons and patience enabled me to learn a new technique, identify a new desirable behavior, or new frame of mind. What was empowering about mindfulness is that I am able to apply Laurie's lessons immediately in my day to day life. I highly recommend Laurie's services."

Terri Z.

Mindfulness Class Student

"Laurie Hallihan has a very natural way of teaching mindfulness and self compassion. She has a keen intuition and is mindful in her own practice.  I have taken her class and also used her services in a one on one setting. She listens thoughtfully and guides each student empathetically.  There are a variety of exercises she offers, which are practiced and discussed in class. Implementing these in my every day life has brought calm to stressful situations. I even have less body pain. Tune into Laurie’s classes if you like a teacher who puts her whole heart and soul into helping others."

Lindita D.

MBSR Class Student

“I had the pleasure of taking a MBSR class led by Laurie. She carries such an empathetic, calm, and warm demeanor with her at all times. As a beginning meditator, she was patient with explaining and processing moments with myself and all the other students in the class in a really thoughtful way. She is a great teacher and encouraged all of us to patiently expand our current comfort zones in hopes of becoming more mindful both in everyday situations and while meditating. I learned a lot from her and the course – highly recommend others give themselves the opportunity to do the same!”

Regine D.

MBSR Class Student

I had the opportunity to participate in an 8-week MBSR program with Laurie. During those weeks, I found Laurie to be such a genuine, compassionate, and warm coach. The mindfulness techniques and exercises she shared became such an important part of my well-being and life. Even months after the program I still implement these techniques and fondly remember Laurie’s kind personality. As someone who was skeptical about how helpful an MBSR program would be in my life, I now acknowledge it has allowed me to gain a new level of understanding and insight. I feel so much gratitude for having known Laurie as my mindfulness coach and highly recommend her services! 

Diane F.

MBSR Class Student

Rate: Excellent

Review Class: What a wonderful life changing class! Laurie and Ruth are amazing! They listen and share with an open heart, compassion and non-judgement. They have taught me wonderful techniques for meditation and mindfulness which I can continue to use in my daily life. This class taught me how to focus on my breath and body to bring me back to to the present moment with calm and clarity. Being mindful helps me with my worrying and anxiety. What a blessing and gift Laurie and Ruth and this class were for me! Thank you, Laurie and Ruth for the information and love that you shared with us!

Review Laurie: Laurie is so caring! You have so much love to give to others!

Would recommend: Yes

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