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Minding the Waves

Stress Reduction through Mindful Presence

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Finding Peace During Life's Challenging Waves
Oct 27, 6:30 PM PDT
This is an Introduction to Mindfulness class in collaboration with Dr. Dana Rose Garfin. See what mindfulness is all about with this exciting new offering!

Meet Laurie Hallihan

Mindfulness Coach and Educator

I began practicing meditation over 30 years ago. While it did help the sometimes crippling depression I suffered from, I found I was inconsistent with my practice. It was not until 8 years ago, when I developed Fibromyalgia and hip dysplasia in both of my hips that caused me severe limitations in daily activities, like walking, that I knew I had to make a change. I found a therapist who specialized in mindfulness therapy and she recommended me looking into University of California, San Diego’s Center for Mindfulness.


The first class I took was Mindful Self-Compassion and it changed my life. Every part of my body and mind told me that this was the way of experiencing true change in my life. Since then, I took several more classes at UCSD and quickly realized that I wanted to share the insights I found through my mindfulness practice. Mindfulness changed and continues to change my life in profound and unexpected ways.


A Mindfulness Practice Can Help With:

Under Water
Under Water


Under Water
Under Water
Under Water
Under Water


"Laurie Hallihan has a very natural way of teaching mindfulness and self compassion. She has a keen intuition and is mindful in her own practice.  I have taken her class and also used her services in a one on one setting. She listens thoughtfully and guides each student empathetically.  There are a variety of exercises she offers, which are practiced and discussed in class. Implementing these in my every day life has brought calm to stressful situations. I even have less body pain. Tune into Laurie’s classes if you like a teacher who puts her whole heart and soul into helping others."

- Terri B.

Blue Waters


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